Wine And Food In The Park Festival
23 January 2018
2018 Major
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What To Wear And What To Bring Along
Wine and Food In The Park is a relaxed and happy affair.

There's certainly no need to dress up (though you're very welcome to and some people now make it a point to dress up specially for the Festival). But most people simply wear whatever feels comfortable.

If you're planning on a full day of fun, though, it's probably wise to slop on a bit of sunscreen and bring along a hat.

A lot of people also like to bring along folding chairs, umbrellas, water bottles and perhaps string bags to hold their wine purchases. Plastic cups (not glass!) are also a good idea if you want to sip drinks.

And naturally, you can bring along a throw rug if you want to dine out in the Park (the wide variety of inexpensive food in the Food Court will please almost anyone - all meals are served with disposable containers and cutlery).

There are also plenty of toilet facilities in the grounds, including disabled facilities at the William Street end of the Park.


8 Hours Of Non-Stop
Live Music!
Eight hours of great entertainment!
In addition to great food and wine, this year's South Burnett Wine & Food In The Park Festival has a jam-packed program of live music and family entertainment running right through the day and on into the evening.

2017's musical acts include:

Noon: Lazy Sunday
Grant Jeppesen and Vashti Bruyn are Lazy Sunday, a laid back acoustic duo who specialise in folk and jazz. They concentrate on sixties and seventies duos, as well as the classics and anything that has a strong vocal and interesting guitar. Their music has been described as a fusion of Americana/Blues/Folk that leaves listeners feeling happy, and although they're both based in the South Burnett the pair have also performed all over South East Queensland. Just perfect to kick off the day, Lazy Sunday will be on the Main Stage at noon.
Lazy Sunday

1:00pm: Amber Goldsmith
Amber Goldsmith is one of the South Burnett's most popular young performers. Amber specialises in country rock but has also turned her versatile talents to other musical genres, performing at everything from community Christmas carols to formal functions. Off stage, Amber is a Rural Fire Services volunteer and works a farm with her husband Keith. Amber will be appearing at Wine & Food In The Park for the first time this year, helping to provide a smooth backdrop to late lunches when she appears on the Main Stage at 1:00pm.
Tori Somers and Amber Black

2:00pm: Rowan Edwards
Wondai's Rowan Edwards is an acoustic soloist who specialises in smooth modern and original music. He has performed all over the South Burnett and was one of the lead acts at a Dusty Day Out in Moffatdale. Rowan has also received a lot of radio airplay for his music, and has won many fans with his upbeat, energetic style. Rowan is another newcomer to Wine & Food In The Park and we're proud to bring this talented young musician to a wider audience. He'll be helping to ramp up the pace of the afternoon when he appears on the Main Stage at 2:00pm.
Rowan Edwards

3:00pm: Cosmic Blue
Feel like you want to tap your toes? Maybe shake a little boogie in the afternoon? Then make sure you don't miss Cosmic Blue when they take to the Main Stage at 3:00pm. Cosmic Blue are a duo that specialise in blues and soft rock, but don't let that description fool you: when they want to belt it out they don't hold back. Cosmic Blue regularly perform at South Burnett and South-East Queensland venues and 2017 is the first year they've been seen at Wine & Food In The Park. They'll be taking the pace a notch higher in the middle of the day and we're sure you'll like them!
Cosmic Blue

4:00pm: Mr Q
When it's 4 o'clock we know you're ready to rock, and that's why we've invited the South Burnett's best-known four piece rock band back for 2017 to give all of us another taste of their brilliance. Mr Q regularly perform from Brisbane to Bundaberg and all places in between, and their versatility is something to see (and hear). The last time this band appeared at Wine & Food In The Park they got rave reviews, and we think they'll get them again as they lead us through the late afternoon. Make sure you see them in action!
Mr Q

5:00pm: Muddy Flats
As the sun starts to head towards the horizon at 5:00pm, Wine & Food In The Park will be proud to welcome the South Burnett's most popular Indigenous band Muddy Flats to the Main Stage for the very first time. The Muddies are known for their slick, smooth 1960s-1980s party music, and if you've got an ounce of boogie in your boots we're sure you'll want to get up and dance when you hear them. The Muddies started out in Cherbourg (and still live there) but in recent years they've played at venues all over the South Burnett, where they've been invited back time after time. Give them a listen and we're sure you'll understand why!
Muddy Flats

6:00pm: The Blues Excuse
From 6:00pm to 8:00pm, Wine & Food In The Park will be wrapping up a fantastic day out with a stand-out two hour set from the South Burnett's premier jazz and blues band, The Blues Excuse. This band have performed at Wine & Food In The Park many times over the past 18 years and they've never failed to deliver a stand-out show, as we're sure anyone who's heard them would agree. This year they'll be performing a mix of old favourites and some new numbers they've been working on ... so strap yourself in for a top night!
The Blues Excuse

Plus Street Performers To
Make You Smile!
Of course, Wine & Food In The Park isn't just about great wine, sensational food and fantastic music. Another thing everyone loves about our Festival are the whacky street performers who constantly wend their way through the crowds, tower over us in stilts; stack themselves up in pyramids before our eyes; jump through flaming hoops; or just generally amuse us with their side-splitting antics.

Part of the fun of Wine & Food in The Park is that it's simply impossible to be uninvolved when the Festival's performers come out to meet you in person. And sometimes you can't be sure if you're really seeing a street performer or just someone who's even more deeply into Wine & Food In The Park than you are...

Performers you can look forward to seeing in 2017 include:

Monster Blonde
Those winsome acrobats who've stolen our hearts over so many years are back yet again by popular request. The Monsters have become a much-loved feature of Wine & Food In The Park and these wonderfully talented performers will be returning in 2017 to entrance and delight us all over again with charming new characters and zany antics. If you've never seen Monster Blonde before, you'll be delighted when you do. And if you have, this year they promise us they'll be doing something totally new that they've never done at Wine & Food In The Park before. The Monsters will be roaming Memorial Park continuously between 1:00pm and 5:30pm - don't miss them!
Monster Blonde

Hans and Eva
Acrobatic comedy duo Hans and Eva are new to Wine and Food In The Park, but we're sure you'll really enjoy watching them. These lovable clowns perform their highly skilled trick sequences in the most ridiculous of ways - and they always love to share their joy with you. When truly confused (and this does happen, of course) their act is jam-packed with apparent near misses, hopeless miscommunications, language goofs and lucky saves, and these highly skilled circus theatre performers always manage to close with a spectacular finale. Make sure you see one of their three shows, which will be running between 1:30pm and 4:30pm.
Hans andEva

And We Also Have....
Great Fun For Kids!
Amusement Rides
Wine and Food In The Park also has a great selection of amusement rides that are set up in a separate area of the festival away from the food and wine tents to keep children happily amused and supervised. We're a family-oriented festival and we're always proud about how many parents bring their children along each year, knowing they'll be safely looked after while mum and dad relax and enjoy the other entertainment. Our amusement rides run all day and they're reasonably priced to help families on a budget. And remember: children are always allowed into Wine and Food In The Park for free!
Fun For Kids

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