Wine And Food In The Park Festival
21 July 2024
2019 Major
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Staying Over?
Book Early...
Kingaroy township has a permanent population of around 9,000 and the entire South Burnett has a population of a little more than 32,000.

This means that the number of beds available at any time isn't large. So if you want to be certain of your accommodation for the Festival, you should book as early as you can.

If you leave it until the last minute and find Kingaroy is all booked out, though, there's a similar range of accommodation available in Nanango (20km south), Wondai (35km north) and Murgon (53km north).

Any of our Visitor Information Centres will be more than happy to help you find a bed for the night!

You can contact all of them by phone or email:

South Burnett
Visitor Information Centres
Kingaroy - (07) 4189-9172
Nanango - (07) 4189-9446
Wondai - (07) 4189-9251
Murgon - (07) 4189-9387


Visiting The South Burnett?
Get Help Here!
If you plan on having a full weekend away when you visit the South Burnett Wine & Food In The Park Festival, we hope this page will help ensure you get the very best from your stay in the South Burnett.


There are several types of accommodation available in Kingaroy - hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, caravan parks and cabins - and several excellent farmstays in the surrounding countryside, all of them located within easy driving distance of town.

Most accommodation is very inexpensive too. And you'll also be pleased to hear that our accommodation operators don't raise prices just because the Festival is on. You can obtain a room night for the same price that applies at any other time of the year.

This also applies to food, wine and everything else in town. We like our visitors, and we want you to come back and see us often.

Accommodation In (Or Very Close To) Central Kingaroy
  (07) 4162-8333
  (07) 4162-2933
  (07) 4162-1822
  (07) 4162-1966
  (07) 4162-2399
  (07) 4162-3999
  (07) 4162-5115
  (07) 4162-1677
  (07) 4162-1815
  (07) 4162-1055
  (07) 4162-2204
  (07) 4162-1380
Tourist Park
  (07) 4162-1808
  (07) 4162-1808
  (07) 4162-8008
Caravan Park
  Showgrounds Caravan Park
  (07) 4162-5037
  (07) 4162-7046
  (07) 4162-1727
  (07) 4162-3061
  (07) 4162-4943
Bed & Bfast
  (07) 4162-7647
Bed & Bfast
  (07) 4163-6688
Bed & Bfast
  (07) 4162-3061

Out Of Town Cottage And Host Farm Accommodation
  (07) 4164-3142
Host Farm
  Minmore Farmstay, Inverlaw
  (07) 4164-3196
Host Farm
  Passchendaele Farm, Burrandowan
  (07) 4164-8147
Host Farm
  Taabinga Homestead, Haly Creek
  (07) 4164-5531
Host Farm
  The Quilters Rest, Kingaroy
  (07) 4162-3987


Tourist Information
You can find out a lot more about our region's attractions by visiting the South Burnett Tourism web site. You can also find out more about our region's great wineries from South Burnett Wine. And you can find just about anything else on our regional portal

You can also get lots of up-to-date information about Kingaroy by following this link.

Naturally - if you'd like personal help about what to see and do during your stay - you shouldn't hesitate to drop into any of the South Burnett Tourism Association's four Visitor Information Centres.

Kingaroy's Visitor Information Centre is located in Haly Street opposite the peanut silos (and you really can't miss these if you drive into Kingaroy - they're the tallest buildings in town!). You can phone them on (07) 4189-9172 or email them.

Other Visitor Information Centres are located in Henry St, Nanango in the South Burnett Energy Centre; inside the South Burnett Region Timber Industry Museum on the Bunya Highway at Wondai; and in Lamb Street, Murgon right in the centre of town. You can get a Google map showing all their locations on South Burnett Wine.


Taxis and Petrol
Finally: if you need a taxi to get to or from the Festival, call Kingaroy Taxis on 131-008. They maintain a modern fleet of vehicles and can ferry you anywhere you'd like to go.

And if you need petrol outside normal trading hours, you'll find Kingaroy's 24-hour service stations located on the Bunya Highway on the southern side of town (just follow the signs that point to Kumbia and Dalby - it's immediately opposite the roundabout just before you leave the township area) or on Kingaroy Street (the main road into town from Nanango).

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