Wine And Food In The Park Festival
25 February 2018
2018 Major
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How To Sample
South Burnett Wines
Sampling the output of our wineries at the Festival is easy!

All the region's top wineries will be gathered together in the Giant Wine Tent (you simply can't miss them!)

You can meet the winemakers in a relaxed atmosphere, discuss the wines with them, try them (most samples are modestly priced) and if you want to, buy your favourites directly over the counter at rock-bottom prices.

There's absolutely no pressure and you can do it all in a fun, friendly atmosphere with lots of other people who love wine just as much as you do!

If you prefer, you can also obtain beer and low to mid-strength mixers on the grounds. Tea, coffee, soft drinks, fresh fruit juices and water will be available in the food court too.

A Note About
Good Etiquette
When you buy a bottle of wine, you'll be given plastic glasses to drink it with.

And if you intend to drink your bottle at the Festival - probably with friends, as most peple do - you should always use the glasses.

Drinking directly from a wine bottle is considered very poor etiquette and our security guards will remove you from the Festival grounds if you do this.

Wine & Food In The Park not only promotes responsible alcohol consumption, but good manners too.

It's what everyone wants and expects from a family-safe Festival, isn't it?

So please help us keep the great WAFITP festival we all love safe and secure by setting a good example and using the wine glasses provided.


Queensland's Top Wineries
On Show!
Having a great day at Wine & Food In The Park!
The South Burnett Wine & Food in The Park Festival is a showcase for the South Burnett's wineries. In 2001 we were declared one of Queensland's official wine regions - and when you try our wines we're sure you'll soon see why!

In 2003 we also became Queensland's largest grape crush region, crushing almost triple the Granite Belt's harvest and more than every other Queensland wine region combined! That year we also waltzed away with 50% of the gold medals at the Queensland Wine Awards plus a swag of silvers and bronzes - more medals per capita than anyone else too.

This year nearly all the South Burnett's best winemakers will be at the 2017 Festival. You can sample some of the earliest releases of their 2016 vintages. Or try some of the white, red and sparkling wines that won state and national awards over the last year.

The South Burnett wineries exhibiting at the 2017 Festival are:
2017 Winery Exhibitors 
(07) 4168-4788
(07) 4162-7647
(07) 4162-2229
(07) 4168-4797
Hill Of Promise - Childers
2nd 2 None Wines - Kingsthorpe
(07) 4699-3029
Com.Pub Kingaroy (Craft beers)
(07) 4162-1380


Eat Your Way
Around The World
Enjoying the Giant Food Court
Our Giant Food Court is always a popular feature of each year's Festival. And this year we have dozens of food vendors offering everything from Indian curries to Spanish churros, vegetarian to Turkish cuisine, and cheese platters through to Thai finger foods and Tex-Mex. Here's who'll be appearing at our Giant Food Court this year:

In The 2017 Giant Food Court
Food Supplier
Dry-roasted and honey-roasted Macadamia nuts, gluten-free Maca nut treat, butters and oils
Binneys Tornado Potatoes
Curled, deep-fried potatoes on a stick topped with choice of 9 different salts
Cecile's Crepes
Sweet and savoury French-style crepes
Delightful Dutch Pancakes
Mini dutch pancakes (ie Poffertjes), soft drinks and water
Flaming Good
Slow-roasted pulled pork, lamb and brisket, served with coleslaw on a baguette or gluten-free corn chips
The Gumnut Place
Asian pork balls and dipping sauce
Joseph's Hungarian Laugos
Hungarian Laugos: deep fried sourdough with toppings
Marine Harvest
Fish and chips, chip rolls, hamburgers, calamari rings, fish fillets, prawn cutlets, ice creams, icy cold watermelon wedges
Mojo Food Company
Arancini balls, vegetarian, 4 different flavors + salad & sauce; slow-cooked Tuscan porkbelly rolls; Italian beef or pulled pork foccacia. Tuscan whitebean salad
Mr Bratwurst
German sausages
Mrs Bean's Mobile Coffee
Coffee, Mocca, Hot Chocolate, Latte, Teas (English, French, Earl Grey, Green, Peppermint), prepacked cookies (GF options), soft drinks and water
Mustafa Konukcu
Turkish kebabs and gozlemes, baklava, soft drinks.
One World Food Truck
Spanish/Latin food - El toro loco burger, cubano sandwich, one world steak and cheese piadina, pinchitos, spicy wings served on homemade flat bread and brioche buns.
Pipinghot Woodfired Pizzas
Woodfired pizzas
Sweet Floz Churros
Freshly cooked churros (Spanish doughnuts)
Tasty Street Food
Noodle stirfrys - garlic prawns, chicken, vegetables and cashew, pork buns, chicken dim sims, pork spring rolls
Ben's Beef Jerky
Pre-packaged beef jerky made in Kingaroy


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